The teaching of languages in the new millennium: the challenges of internationalisation

La didattica delle lingue nel nuovo millennio: le sfide dell'internazionalizzazione

Dipartimento di Studi
Linguistici e Culturali


The phenomenon of internationalisation, linked to the process of globalisation, is evermore present in every sphere of society, be it economic, social, or cultural. It is obvious therefore that its presence be felt in the educational system. One has only to register the multilingual and multicultural nature of today’s schools and universities, the increase in mobility (incoming and outgoing) of students and staff, the adoption of foreign language medium instruction and the exponential increase of English taught programmes, the use of English as a lingua franca, the growth of international exchange programmes for study and research and, not least, the development of internationalisation policies and practices, especially at the university level, with the aim of optimising, exploiting and promoting the international quality of teaching and learning today.

In the educational context new linguistic and cultural conditions have thus developed creating new problems and requirements such as the increasing need for intercomprehension and intercultural (communicative) competences, issues concerning Italian as a second language and as a language for schooling, the issue of the mother tongue and schooling, the presence of ‘new’ non community languages in the curriculum, the plurilingual competence of students and teachers/lecturers, and so on.

Essentially, the effects of internationalisation are wide ranging and the impact cannot but make itself felt on language education (e.g., goals, methodologies, materials, assessment procedures), on educational programmes (e.g., internationalisation of university curricula), on the (foreign language) training of teachers/lecturers, on the delivery of courses (e.g., Moocs), and much more.

Against the background of the growing international nature of the educational system, the conference wishes to explore the implications for language teaching/learning and for language education in general.

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Delivery date: 30/06/2017
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